Growing up as a little girl in France played a large role in the way I viewed the world around me. Right from the start I found myself intrigued by color pallets, design elements and details. It wasn't long before I was attempting to redesign the backdrop to my life by putting my own twist on things.
Today, I look back at those days as a little girl and I proud to say that I have succeeded in fulfilling that dream. I have created a thriving business where I can constantly design and re-design.
One of the greatest pleasures of my job is to know that I helped create and produce somebody's special day, Knowing that I brought their wildest dreams and fantasies to life, and created a unforgettable and unique event each and every single time.
I strongly believe that my success is rooted in the fact that I love what I do just as much as I am excellent at what I do. It's not so much a job to me, rather a calling and I simply couldn't imagine myself doing anything else!
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Cell. +972 52 348 47 24 Tel. +972 2 623 18 90

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